Weaving workshop, Peru 2016

Vision & mission

Our vision is to inspire active citizens and strengthen communities. Our mission is to collaborate with communities, students, and faculty to cultivate sustainable, mutually beneficial partnerships through engaged service, learning, and reflection.

Our core values

  • Authentic community partnership

    We partner with communities and organizations to identify opportunities for collaborative problem solving that align with everyone’s mission. We invest the university’s intellectual and human resources in the production of mutually beneficial projects, processes, and outcomes, placing the needs of our partners at the same level as our own.

  • Awareness of self and civic identity

    We promote programs and opportunities that encourage participants to think about how their perspectives, biases, and values influence the work that they do. By recognizing the position of “self” in service, our philosophy emphasizes the relational nature of community engagement, deconstruction of hegemony, recognition of privilege, and reflexivity.

  • Development of active citizens

    We strive to create opportunities for Virginia Tech students to engage with individuals, organizations, and communities to develop and enhance the practice of active citizenship. Using intentional pedagogy and critical reflection to promote social and ethical competency, we help prepare students to leave the university with the civic frameworks and skills necessary to participate fully in the communities in which they live, work, and serve.

  • Responsible action grounded in scholarship

    We facilitate the exchange of ideas and celebrate advances in scholarship and practice that come from bringing together the expertise of the academy and our partners. By fostering shared learning, we enhance opportunities for innovation and novel approaches to improving the quality of life in local and global communities.

Goals & objectives

Our goals 1

To encourage the intentional practice of Ut Prosim as a pathway to student development of competencies for community engagement and servant leadership.

  • Increase student understanding of societal issues.

  • Prepare student to take an active role in communities.

  • Increase participation in community engaged learning.


Our goals 2

To cultivate a community of educators dedicated to thoughtful engagement practices and scholarship.

  • Increase faculty use of community-based learning strategies.

  • Prepare students to use engaged learning tools effectively to empower peers.

  • Promote culture of thoughtful community engagement and service.


Our goals 3

To initiate and support civic partners that promote sustainable community development.

  • Build multifaceted, continuing relationships with community partners.

  • Enhance collective impact by supporting community partners.