2017 ACC Student Leadership Symposium cohort

ACC Student Leadership Symposium
This conference emphasizes engaging students from all of the ACC institutions in the conversation of leadership development. 

Alternative Breaks & Weekends 
Our weekend & alternative spring break trips are immersive experiences that explore community issues in our region and throughout the United States.

Campus Kitchen
Combat hunger & food waste by redistributing quality, surplus food from five on-campus dining centers to hunger-relief agencies in our region.

Clinton Global Initiative University
Each year, CGI U engages the next generation of leaders to develop novel solutions to pressing global challenges, then present their ideas at the CGI U annual meeting.

Get on the Bus
Join us on half-day or day-long projects that introduce students to community service, local nonprofits, & the social issues affecting our region.

Global Service Immersion
A combination of service, learning, & cultural immersion for three weeks in Peru (summer), one week in the Dominican Republic (winter break), or three weeks in Cambodia (summer.)

Student Engagement Grants
The John E. Dooley Student Engagement Grant is awarded to students engaged in innovative work in a community that reflects VT Engage's core values.

Student Leaders
This team leads all of our service trips. They meet twice monthly to build trip management, leadership, & reflection skills, & learn about issues impacting our community, region, & world. 

Non-endorsement statement

Most of VT Engage’s community partners are independent of Virginia Tech and do not necessarily represent the opinions or beliefs of our faculty, staff, or administration. We partner with organizations and individuals whose goals align with our mission, but hold a wide range of opinions on political, religious, and social issues. Therefore, students participating in our programs may find themselves in situations where their personal views come into conflict with those of others.

We encourage students to see these differences as an opportunity to better understand the perspectives and beliefs of others through dialogue and reflection. However, any student who feels threatened, unsafe, or unreasonably uncomfortable is encouraged to remove him or herself from the situation and alert a VT Engage program leader.